Be Your Own Hero!

Have you ever felt trapped in your relationship? You wanted to find your way out but didn’t know how or what it would mean for you? Have you wanted it to change back to what it once was? Go back to that magic time where everything was “prefect” and life and your marriage/relationship seemed to be going just as you wanted. You were in love, you were working hard for your dreams together and seemed like all was going to be that happily ever after you always wanted. Then one day you find out the dreams you had are no longer possible and you just feel stuck and in many ways helpless because no matter what you do it is no longer in your control. As I am writing this I am currently “trapped” in an elevator waiting on the fire department to bring the ladder truck to rescue me and it reminds me of how much I felt all that and how I had to learn to rescue myself.
Feeling trapped by your past and feeling like you have no control of what your current situation is can leave you feeling like you have nowhere to go and no control. In some ways, there is nothing you can do and you don’t have control because you can’t change others but you also do have control over your actions, your words, your thoughts and your energy. The truth is, in life there will be no one to rescue you from that past except for you. You and you alone have the key to open that door into the future you want. The thing is, you are not alone on this journey. There will be many amazing people that help you along the way but you and you alone are in charge of your thoughts, actions and believes. Just as I was in the elevator I could either freak out, start to panic and go down the road of a million things that could go wrong and the “how could this happen to me?”, “what did I do to deserve this?”, “poor me!”, “it’s not my fault!”, ‘how will I survive this?” and many many more victim’s thoughts. Or, I could respond by reflecting, learning and growing from the event.
You need to become your own hero, your own rescuer, your own knight in shining armor (or in my current case a fireman with a crowbar). Let those amazing people around you support you, love you, help guide you and at time kick your ass to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Remember you and you alone are in charge and you have to find your way to guide yourself though the “trap” and leave it behind- never forget you alone hold the map and key to your way out.
I am extremely grateful for those men and women in the fire department who rescued me from the elevator today but I am also very grateful for the time I was in the elevator because it reminded me of all that I have set myself free from, all I have grown from, all the negative I have removed from my life and all I have to live for and create that Epic Life in front of me. Once you have reached that point where you can rescue yourself – release your negative past and negative controlling people – you will find a new form of freedom and peace you have not felt in longer than you can remember. Love yourself, honor your feelings, release that negativity, find your inner hero and be that rescuer you have been waiting for!
Live, Laugh, Love Your Life!

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