Your Imperfections are perfect

perfect imperfect women
At times we get so caught up in the pain, the anger, the hurt and the wondering why that we start to lose ourselves again. We have lost ourselves once by being taken over, controlled and for some verbally and emotionally abused for never being enough, never being that 10x, never being where the grass is green enough or in my case being told out marriage was great just not great enough anymore. Being compared to a Volkswagen and being told I’m cute, reliable, dependable and everyone loves you but now that I have driven a Ferrari how could I even be happy with just a Volkswagen again? When the one you loved, worked for and sacrificed things for to create that “happily ever after” life with hurts you at that core level you never imagine it can destroy you. For a time, I did feel destroyed my entire perfect happy home life was crumbling around me and there was nothing I could because honestly, I tried everything I could think of to stop it from happening and “fix” it but then there comes a time you realize you can’t fix other people’s broken. What you can do though is to work on fixing your own. We all have our own broken parts of our lives, some much greater than others but we can either learn and grow from them or let them destroy us. The hardest part is being able to own them and stop trying to hide from them. For many of us it is much easier to hide from them then to face them. Often, it is easier for others for us to put them in the closet and “forget” about them too because once we bring them into the light they too must face what has happen to us and how much we have been hurt and examine their lives too. If we hide from it and burry the in the skeletons in the closet than we will never heal from them and just hide from it all and other will get it go on living like their actions or lack of them have no consequences. In today’s world of the “perfect” social media life or as I like to call it the “FakeBook” life – it’s hard to admit to ourselves let alone other how imperfect our lives can be. However, accepting, showing and growing from our imperfections can be one of the most freeing feelings in the word.
I know firsthand how hard it is to admit life is not the perfect life I had imagined for myself but once I learned to accept the imperfections and stopped feeling sorry for myself and what my children have to go through and learned that I can and want to work on myself, but I can’t fix other’s broken. I had to realize that even with all that had happened I had so much in life I still have to be grateful for, to grow and learn from and to help others more past their hurts and see that imperfections are a gift. We just need to first love our own imperfections before we can move on to finding other who can love them too. True happiness can only come from within. When you have someone, who has pointed out your imperfections for so long you want to hide them because you are trying to fit their perfect mold. The problem is even when you act, speak, dress, look and think the way they want you too you they will still find fault in you to keep you feeling inferior. We must learn to stop living for other people’s perfect and start living to embrace love our imperfections. We must stop thinking we need to survive for other’s and start to thrive for ourselves. My wish for you today is to stop judging yourself by the “perfect” people who have put you down and judge you and start embracing how imperfectly perfect you are and how much you really do have to be grateful for. I will no longe hide from or apologize for my imperfections but embrace them and let them shine! This is the time of year is a great time to start seeing all you have to be grateful for and stop dwelling on or hiding from our imperfections.
Live, Laugh, Love Your Life!

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